release internal baggage, blocks, and barriers to love.


your power
to create happy, healthy,
committed love.

Create the radiant, purposeful future you desire.

calling in 'The one'

with Jessica Yip, Certified Coach

Calling in 'The One' is for passionate, growth-oriented people who are ready to call in their soul partner. 


This proven curriculum is designed to close the gap between wanting happy, healthy love and being able to receive and sustain it when it arrives. If you are ready to graduate from the past and become magnetic to happy, healthy love, I will show you how.

LISTEN: Jessica and the Calling in 'The One' Transformation

When love isn't in our lives, it's on the way.

If you know that a special guest is coming at 5 o'clock, do you spend the day messing up the home?

Of course not.

You prepare.

And that is what we should do for love.


- Marianne Williamson


Ariadna, Reinvigorated

I feel unshakable!


The loneliness I felt prior to doing the course has been replaced with feeling reinvigorated about my life ahead.

If you are considering this course, jump in. We only regret the chances that we don't take.



"the best decision I’ve made for myself"

Working with Jess was amazing. She helped me recognize that I was standing in my own way to becoming who I needed to be.


The support Jess provides through each session is through the roof. I highly recommend working with Jess to unpack who and what has caused our perceptions and ideas of oneself.


Maurice, More Confident Than Ever

I learned how to take charge of my own life and not wait for others to make changes for me... It taught me that my thoughts and my life do matter.

Jessica was patient, kind, and encouraging. She helped me to improve my self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness.


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