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You’re here because you’ve been stuck in a loop.  Time and time again, you end up here - hurt, confused, alone.  The worst part is you don’t even know how you keep arriving here, as if all roads lead to this. And now that you’ve done it a few times, it’s getting really old.  Why bother if it’s always the same? 

The Calling in 'The One' Metamorphosis is designed to clear away the obstacles that have been holding you back from love, restore the power you have in creating your life, and make room for your divine-right partner to show up. 

Even knowing all of the benefits of this program, many people still feel guilty investing in themselves. Healing work, like therapy, is sometimes still seen as an extravagant self-indulgence. 


Right now, you might be feeling any or all of these:


  • Scared to get hurt again

  • Embarassed, like you should have figured this out on your own by now

  • Skeptical about doing something completely unfamiliar

  • Ashamed to admit that you are lost or stuck

  • Turned off by the idea of slowing down to reflect or redirect

  • Unsure about sharing your feelings with a stranger

  • Overwhelmed by the idea of adding something to an already full schedule

  • Nervous about investing in your emotional development

I know. I was in your shoes.


Trust me, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

But what’s the cost of not changing? Look ahead 1, 5, even 10 years. What happens if you take no action?

[W]hat could possibly be worth your time and efforts as much as investing in yourself and your ability to have joyful, harmonious relationships in your life?


Making more money (with no one to share it with)?


Buying more land (with no one to live there with)?


Getting another degree (with no one to come to your graduation and applaud your efforts)?


Creating more meaningful work (and coming home each night to an empty apartment)? ...


[T]here really is nothing more important than investing yourself in your ability to be close to others and to richly give and receive love.  - Katherine Woodward Thomas


The beauty of The Calling in 'The One' Metamorphosis is that you’ll come out the other side not only with a clear understanding of how your unconscious patterns work, but you’ll also have the tools and the wherewithal to step out and love differently.  As a result, your life and all of your relationships, romantic and platonic, will truly change. 


It's time to heal. Your future is worth it. The love of your life is worth it. 

The Metamorphosis includes 2 phases, spanning a total of 24 weeks. Extensive individualized time with Jessica is prioritized to ensure that you get the results you are seeking. 


Phase 1

The first 10 weeks are centered around the New York Times Best Seller Calling in ‘The One’ by Katherine Woodward Thomas.


Katherine’s inspirational and revolutionary process includes daily lessons, corresponding practices, and instructions for how to take action accordingly. Each week includes a 60-minute 1x1 coaching session with Jessica, a Certified Calling in ‘The One’ Coach, to accelerate and refine your transformation. 


Phase 2

The remaining 14 weeks are focused on integration.


Like a baby bird testing its wings for the first time, you’ll find that the skills you learn in Part 1 will feel new and, initially, a bit awkward. These 14 weeks offer you 7 additional modules and coaching sessions to strengthen those new muscles. Consistent, ongoing support is critical during this stage of your evolution. We will extinguish the seduction of old ways and ensure that forward momentum is healthily sustained. 



10 Calling in ‘The One’ Sessions - 1x1 with Jessica, 60-min each

7 Exclusive Digital Masterclasses

7 Integration Sessions - 1x1 with Jessica, 60-min each

1 Copy of Calling in ‘The One’ by Katherine Woodward Thomas

Total Investment: $4500

Fast Action (Pay in Full Upon Enrollment): $4000

Payment Plans:

  • $2000 now, $2500 due within 30 days

  • 4 monthly installments of $1250/mo

After successfully completing The Metamorphosis, you’ll stand tall knowing you have:

  • Tied up loose ends from the past

  • Healed core wounds from childhood

  • Found freedom from the grip of unhealthy, unproductive habits

  • Deepened your awareness of your own feelings and needs

  • Improved communication skills to support getting your needs met in a romantic relationship

  • Built confidence in navigating conflict and repairing rifts in relationship

Which gives you: 

  • The ability to establish and honor healthy boundaries in all aspects of life

  • An elevated sense of empathy and compassion with others

  • A renewed willingness to learn and appropriately risk oneself in love

  • Peace of mind in social situations

  • Peace of mind in solitude

  • A deeper connection with your body & intuition

  • Fuller, healthier relationships with family/friends

  • A deep, unshakable knowing that love is for you, no matter what the past has shown you

  • New intimate relationship(s) built from your powerful new identity (rather than from fear)


Yes, really. All of that from one program.

In 5 months, everything will change.

"[Jessica] has a wonderful energy that kept me optimistic for very real change and the wisdom to help me identify how I was self-sabotaging in ways I didn’t even expect.


Jessica knows the right questions to ask, but more than this, she helped me to ask the right questions of myself... The loneliness I felt prior to doing the course has been replaced with feeling reinvigorated about my life ahead.


Whether ‘The One’ comes into my life in 10 weeks or 10 years, my heart is full knowing that I am enough."  


—  Ariadna

 Sydney, NSW, Australia