You crave intimacy, partnership, and love you can count on.

You're tired of being disappointed time and time again.

You want to heal the loneliness you feel inside.

You want to be confident that you can sustain a happy relationship when you find it.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Deep in your heart, you know that you were born for fulfilling, intimate love.

Learn how to finally release internal baggage, blocks, and barriers to love that have been covertly sabotaging your success in love. 


Ready to call in your soul partner?

I can show you how.

Goodbye loneliness

Jessica has a wonderful energy that kept me optimistic for very real change and the wisdom to help me identify how I was self-sabotaging in ways I didn’t even expect.


Jessica knows the right questions to ask, but more than this, she helped me to ask the right questions of myself... The loneliness I felt prior to doing the course has been replaced with feeling reinvigorated about my life ahead.

- Ariadna, Sydney, Australia

About Calling in 'The one'

This course is designed to help growth-oriented men and women release unconscious, self-sabotaging relationship patterns and breakthrough to reach their full potential in life and love.


Graduates walk away knowing what healthy love — romantic and otherwise —  looks like and how to become truly magnetic to it.

As a Certified Calling in 'The One' Coach with almost a decade's worth of experience, Jessica has mastered the processes that expose our relationship blind spots, heal the childhood wounds that led us astray, free us from destructive patterns, and prepare us, at long last, for the great love that we seek. 

happy, healthy love in

If you are ready to graduate from past patterns and create a stunning, never-before-seen future in love, I will show you how.

Calling in 'The One'

Private Coaching with Jessica

(12 60-minute Sessions)

The Investment: $1595

Payment Plan: 3 monthly installments of $565

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GO. FOR. IT.  Honestly, this program opened up my eyes to who I am in this world.

I see how relationships are supposed to work with my family, friends, and romantic partners. I believe in love and that I will find it. 


… Jessica was there for me during the entire process: good, bad, and the ugly parts of it. We went into some dark spaces. I felt safe and always calm. She would keep me on track.


I feel like I just opened up a new chapter in my life.

- Lindsey, California, USA