Jessica Yip

Love & Relationship Coach

A Certified Calling in 'The One' Coach with almost a decade's worth of experience in success coaching, leadership development, and performance management for multi-million dollar businesses, Jessica has mastered the processes that expose our relationship blind spots, heal the childhood wounds that led us astray, free us from destructive patterns, and prepare us, at long last, for the great love that we seek. 

Jessica became a love coach after healing her own childhood wounds and corresponding love addiction. Building upon her robust life-coaching experience, Jessica added powerful relationship-specific knowledge, tools, and curriculum to her practice.

Jessica knows that even the best of us have made homes of relationships that are painful.

Eventually, we admit that we cannot live there forever.


By healing, we honor the beauty of what has been, deepen our commitment to the health of our hearts, and release the tension of trying to move forward while part of us is still trying to go back.

When we finally heal the wounds we've been carry into relationships, we truly create the space for love and joy in this life and for our future generations. 

Jessica is mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of NYTimes Best-Seller Calling in 'The One' and Conscious Uncoupling. Jessica holds a B.S. in Marketing & French from New York University.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.

I'll meet you there.


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